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Pilot Requirements


Pilots are you thinking of an alternative to that "$100 hamburger"?

Pilots for Patients is an excellent way for volunteer pilots to hone their flying skills and make a "difference" in the lives of those needing transportation for medical treatments.

We are not an air ambulance service and all our patients must sign a liability waiver before each flight.

To become a volunteer pilot for Pilots for Patients you must have the following:

1) Be a private pilot with 250 hrs or more as PIC.
2) Hold current and valid FAA medical certificate.
3) Have access to or own a single or multi-engine aircraft suitable for our missions. Typical aircraft used in our missions are single engine 4 or 6 seat aircraft. The aircraft must have a standard airworthiness certificate.
4) Pilots are required to have an instrument rating to apply.
5) Be willing to fly missions approximately 300 nm in range from your home base airport.

Mission Preparation Checklist

1) Contact the patient as soon as you receive your mission sheet.
2) Have all pertinent paperwork: mission sheet, and release form.
3) File a flight plan (VFR or IFR). Use Compassion Mission Flight (CMF + last 3 of tail #). Use "Lifeguard" only if an emergency develops .
4) Complete release form and have it signed by all adult passengers (parent or guardian for minors). Mail or fax the release form to the Pilots for Patients office before the flight.
5) Take pictures if photo permission on release form is signed (close-ups please). Send pictures in to Pilots for Patients office.
6) Immediately after completing a mission, submit a mission report either by mail, fax (318-388-4924)

Pilots for Patients appreciates your volunteer service and knows you will find that flying these missions becomes satisfying.


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