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Volunteer - Pilots for Patients

Volunteer - Pilots for Patients

We Need Pilots

Pilots for Patients would like to encourage every pilot to volunteer.

"We are looking for pilots willing to transport patients." PFP President Philip Thomas


Pilots in Action!
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Recent Milestones!

September 20, 2019


On September 20, 2019 Pilots for Patients, a 501(c) 3 non-profit volunteer pilots organization based in Monroe, Louisiana, completed their 5,000th air mission.


What you should know before you fly - VIDEO

FAA - Safety Video

Pilot & Patient Safety Video

Pilots for Patients would like to encourage every pilot, patient, and companion to watch this short clip on passenger safety.

This video may answer questions you have about flying with one of our PFP Volunteer Pilots and will help you prepare for future flights with us.


Amy Avant - VIDEO

Amy Avant & PFP President Philip Thomas

January 2014

To really grasp the meaning behind the miles, you have to soar and see for yourself.

On this flight in January, it was business as usual for pilot and nonprofit director, Philip Thomas. "We'll do a pre-takeoff checklist and when all thet checks out, we're ready to go," Thomas said. It marked the 1,870th flight, taking patients to their medical care.

"This will make number 12, I believe. I go just about every week," said Avant. Avant's road has been rough.

With a little help from the community, wherever illness strikes, they will keep on flying.

"One day, I guess, we'll be able to find those answers," said Thomas.

FREE Oil Change!!

Don Imhoff Mission
Kevin Rushing &
Pilots for Patients President Philip Thomas

January 2014

Kevin Rushing of Rushing Aviation in Marks Mississippi (KMMS) is offering free oil changes to all pilots who have flown at least 10 missions for Pilots for Patients.
This offer presented by Kevin will include free labor and an oil filter.

Please bring the case of oil you receive from Pilots for Patients for having completed 10 missions!

Several of our Volunteer Pilots use Rushing Aviation for aircraft maintenance needs and we highly recommend their services!

Awards Luncheons!

October 18, 2014

Pilots for Patients held the 6th annual Awards Luncheon in Monroe Saturday, October 18 2014.

More Photos...

PFP give back program

PFP Give Back Pgm.

March 2013

Photo of Ryan Chappell, Ray Jennings (Central Oil & Supply) and Philip Thomas receiving 20 cases of 15W 50 Aero Shell for the PFP give back program.

Pilots that fly 10 missions will receive a free case of oil.

Many thanks to our sponsors from Central Oil And Supply!

Local cancer patient aided by Pilots for Patients

From left, seated, Pilots For Patients volunteer pilot David Powell, Jeremy Maze, Crystal Maze, Amy Holden; standing, Randy Newsome, Hester Hill and Dyer County Mayor Richard Hill.

January 27, 2013

Local residents gather in the lobby of Dyersburg Regional Airport to offer support to Jeremy Maze and his mother, Crystal Maze, as they prepare to travel to M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

Maze, a member of the Dyersburg High School Class of 2010 who has captured the heart of the Dyer County community in his courageous battle with nasopharyngeal cancer, participated in a Pilots for Patients flight on Wednesday, Jan. 23.

>>more Dyersburg, TNState Gazette

John Rae Realty - Video!

June 20 , 2012

Right here in Monroe Louisiana, there is an organization that does tremendous good in the lives of so many. After hearing the President and founder Philip Thomas speak, Realtor Mike Riley knew we needed to profile Pilots for Patients on our video channel!


Profiles in Caring VIDEO
February, 2010

Profiles in Caring video of what Pilots for Patients is all about and what we do for patients in need.

Many thanks to all of the patients, pilots and members of the Houston Ground Angels who took part to make this video a huge success.
Profiles in Caring is a weekly half-hour television show highlighting volunteerism and charitable work worldwide. It is nationally syndicated on the American Life TV Network.

Loyola University New Orleans La.

January, 2010

 For estate planning lawyer Larry Lehmann (a founding member of Pilots for Patients), flying is more than a hobby, it is a mission. Lehmann has found ways to not only incorporate his passion into his law practice by maintaining clients throughout Louisiana, but also has found ways to use flying to give back to those in need.(Loyola publications) ...>>more

Monroe resident wins 2009 Angel Award

July 29, 2009

 Monroe resident Philip Thomas has been named a winner of the 2009 Angel Award, presented by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation.

The annual Angel Award recognizes eight individuals from around the state who do extraordinary volunteer work for Louisiana's at-risk children.

Flight Brings Family Hope!
October 11, 2008

H.M. Butler, left, and Larry Lehmann with Pilots for Patients help David Ronquille and his daughter Madison, 2, down from a small plane as Kim Ronquille exits the plane. The Ronquilles took part in the Pilots for Patients program, flying to St. Louis and back for medical treatment for their daughter.

Jason Bullock & Keith Odom - Our very First Mission !
May 19, 2008

<< Pilot Jason Bullock & Keith Odom fly first mission for Pilots For Patients transporting Paige Smith & her 10-month old daughter, Kennedy Smith from Monroe, La. to Dallas, Tx. >>more
About Us!

Pilots for Patients is a newly chartered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Pilots participating in the program donate their time, fuel and airplanes for the flight and are not reimbursed for these expenses. Patients who are medically stable fly for free to wherever treatment awaits. Pilots for Patients will focus on transporting Louisiana patients. Patients needing specialized care will have access to medical centers such as MD Anderson in Houston, Texas and St. Jude, in Memphis Tenn

Pilots for Patients is expanding our membership to facilitate the growing list of missions. We need volunteer pilots with a minimum of 250 hours experience and IFR. If you own or have access to suitable aircraft and meet these qualifications please consider volunteering to fly at least a single mission for us this year. By doing so you will 'make a difference' in the quality of someone's life.

Where We Are:
Beautiful State of Louisiana.

Mission Statement
The mission of Pilots for Patients is to provide free air transportation to those patients needing diagnosis and treatments at medical facilities not available to them locally. Our goal is to eliminate the burden of travel allowing the patient to concentrate on getting well.
Mission Stats
15 July 2024
Donations - Patrons and supporters of the mission to help others through Pilots for Patients may make donations by check directly to our office at

Pilots for Patients
3127 Mercedes Dr
Monroe, LA 71201

Additionally, donations may be made directly and anonymously, through any of the Ouachita Independent Bank locations. 
Account number 0268313.   Wire transfers accepted or through
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(318) 322-5112

Concurrent Resolution

Pilots for Patients receive Concurrent Resolution
from State of Louisiana.

State of Lousiana

Pilots for Patients Hope Anderson Miss Louisiana 2011
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